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Monday, November 13, 2006


Haiz...nowadays kept study, study and study........and later go blogging, blogging and blogging...no time to sleep...

How do we keep ourselves awake and refreshed?


Yeah. Halls, a candy that act as a refresher to refresh us when we feel tired or unmotivated. It comes with many colours, namely Blue, Black(above pic), Green and Yellow. Do go to a kedai runcit to check on it. Why it has many different colours becoz each colours has a different refreshment level...

Do look at the top right of the Halls above...It's refreshment level is 4. Other colours are 2, 3, 5 level, or whatsoever...I don't think it does make any difference at all...Each packet have 9 pieces in it.

When u feel sleepy, damn tired and really have a strong urge to sleep but gotta stay awake to complete yr assignments to be handed 2moro or whatever, don't sleep!! juz pop one piece into yr mouth. It really helps us when studying for our SPMs...

After reading through boring subjects like sejarah, really need to pop one in my mouth. After a while, it's like a whole load of fresh air going through yr brain, refreshing it instantly and u can resume studying.

Me and my HALLS...

It was introduced to me by a friend of mine in tuition. As I feel quite down that day, i juz took one piece and pop it. Wow, feel like my form has come back... And did stay awake throughout the rest of the day...YEAH. But only take them when u feel sleepy and need to do something urgent, otherwise if u had nothing to do and juz feel sleepy, juz go and sleep la... Haha. Btw, it only cost RM1/packet. Kinda cheap...

Koolz...............in candy................

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Awake" album

SPM...SPM...SPM...haiz, that damn nuisance really make all us go mad with it.Nowadays can't even study also...

Music! ahh...makes me feel better...Josh Groban recently juz released his third album, called "Awake"

The album has 13 new songs,including the juz released first single You Are Loved(Don't Give Up). Dave Matthews, Ladysmith Black Mambazo,Marius DeVries, John Ondrasik(Five for Fighting) even contribute to some of the songs. Some of the songs are in Italian, Spanish too!

Ahh...the way he sings...is juz like Il Divo+James Blunt...what a good mixture...!

After I listened You Are Loved(Don't Give Up), wah...feel so damn good. It really gives u a morale boast. It really fires up your spirit in whatever you're doing. Juz before SPM starts, do listen to it using your iPod(if u have one), and it surely gives u an "A" grade...haha.

Koolz signing off.......................music all day..................


Friday, November 03, 2006

New Nikon S Series

Hi, readers...So sorry couldn't post any new post coz that time i'm studying in the so called "Blog School". There have 2 dedicated teachers--Mr.Logica & Mr. Melvin, who teach me the art of blogging.Now i juz finished the course and graduated from it...Lol

Recently, the new Nikon S series camera did caught my eye, coz it really looks like Lawlen's Sony's Cyber-Shot DSC-T30.

The Nikon S7

Stylish as it is, it is a 7.1MP, large, bright 3.0-inch LCD monitor with wide 170-degree viewing angle, and most importantly, vibration reduction (Anti-Shake,High-Sensitivity), to deliver clear, sharp results.It even have shooting modes like sports mode,Scene modes (Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Night Landscape, Close Up, Museum, Fireworks Show).It has up to ISO1600.This certainly makes it better that Lawlen's camera in terms of variety in modes.

Really enjoyed my time in Gurney Plaza in the last holidays, coz there happens to have a camera expo promoting brands like Nikon, Sony, Canon and so on...i even used the S7 and try it out.It has a type of mode selection that scrolls like an Ipod Nano. Attractive usage and displays, it caught my heart, like love at first sight when i see it.The effects of the different modes really is very visible, and can really see the differences. The on-off of the camera is fast and it is very useful when u see something and want to take a snap of it before it goes off.(ie: birds,incidents)

Then there's the other type...

Nikon S7c

The Nikon S7c, which typically is the same as the Nikon S7, but has Wi-Fi ability that is useful if you're a busy person who is time conscious. You can juz upload yr pic to any bluetooth devices, to yr PC, even to yr handphone!

The only downside is that it's battery life is up to 200 shots, compared to Lawlen's who have up to 400 shots. Haiz.....but overall it is still better that his...hehe

Haiz...still gotta wait till December holidays only could get it, coz the money source is my father who only buys it around that time for family use in holidays. Btw, the S7 cost RM1448 while the S7c cost RM1558. Ha, guess this is my first article! Hope it is ok...For more info click here.

Koolz signing off..................WHEE....!