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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another gaming week...

Wah…nowadays at home busy playing PC games… Haih, why not blog about the games I played? Ok then…

Do u remember watching those movies where once upon a time, there is an evil bad guy who builds an secret evil base with plans to dominate the world? Then later the good guys will eventually interrupt the bad guy’s plan and destroys the bad guy’s evil base. In the end it will be a happy ending. The good guys WIN!!…………..hahaha

Other than that, when playing games, tired of playing those games where u always play as the good guys? Then try Evil Genius!!

Evil Genius is a strategy game where u will build and manage yr own evil base. And also, making plans to dominate the world by doing evil deeds. Of coz, u will be playing as the BAD GUYS throughout the game. Fun right?

If u have the brains for it and manage yr evil base well, then the GOOD GUYS will not stand a chance against u!! Muahahahaha (Gosh, I started to be turning to the dark side)

Here are some of it…

The poster…

Ha, meet my Evil Genius--Maximillian. There are actually other Evil Genius u can choose from. Each with their own pros and cons.

Evil Genius coming to base location from a chopper…

Layout of the base...Actually in the beginning, u started out with nothing but some cash enough to build 4 rooms. Then later u gotta steal more cash from other countries to build more rooms and equipment…xD

Ahh…the world map. From here, u can call yr minions(worker) to steal money, do evil deeds in any parts of the world…Muahahaha

To achieve this, u gotta build a control room to monitor yr overseas minions…

Minions, as u can see, are those who runs the base…U can also upgrade them to become better minions in order to run the base more efficiently…xD

To upgrade them, gotta give them training pulak…like this one above…lol

To keep them refreshed to do their duties, building a staff room helps…it can also maintain their loyalty to yr Evil Genius.

OMG…the GOOD GUYS have come!! (forces of justice)

When arrived, they will come to infiltrate and sabotage yr base(juz like the movies) lol

Alamak, then how ah? No need to worry…See this big guy here? He is one of my henchmen. Juz like the movies, every Evil Genius have at least a henchman to protect them and guarding the evil base…=D

In yr base, u can also build traps in order to kena the good guys…U can either choose to kill the good guys or imprison them to interrogate them…xD

See in this pic? U can interrogate the good guys buy throwing them in a mixer and stir them around…hahaha, juz look at it makes everyone laugh. Lol

In every game there will be objectives too…In this game, u got yr specific objectives to help u to dominate the world…Muahahaha

Building laboratories helps in research to upgrade yr base equipments…

Ahh…the power source of the base. Guard it well, and do not let the good guys sabotage it…If not yr whole base will “ system shutdown” and yr traps will be useless liao…lol

Build a meeting room, kidnap all the other infamous bad guys in the world and held a meeting there in order to make them support yr cause…Force them if necessary and show them who’s the BOSS!!! Muahahaha!!!

Mmm…this game is enjoyable, lets u play as the bad guys…hahaha. Graphics wise, this game has clean nice graphics…looks nice and neat…xD

Besides that, it also won “ The Best of E3” Editor’s Choice by GameSpy…cool

So, if u wanna improve yr planning skills and strategy thinking, why not have a try on Evil Genius? Do visit their official website here.

Koolz signing off.............................Muahahahaha.........................



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